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Kilims from Anatolia

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100% wool and fine structure

Kilims from Anatolia are flatwoven with a fine structure. The pattern is the same on the front and the back, so both sides of the rug can be used. The kilims are made from 100% wool and cotton warp yarn. Anatolian kilims often have pastel colours or contain the colour red. Green and blue are not common colours for kilims.

Kilim rugs were woven between 1920 and 1985, so they can be quite old. We clean the kilims and repair them, if necessary. So all kilims we offer are in perfect condition!

Handwoven, old kilims from Anatolia

Kilims used to be made in the central part of Turkey. Both sides of the kilim could be used and many kilims were used as tapestry. All of our kilims get cleaned thoroughly. As our kilims are 60 years old on average, we can’t always determine what type of colour was used. So it is possible that the colour might change if the rug gets in contact with liquid or sunlight.

Assortment of kilims

Take a look at our current assortment of rugs. We don’t only offer kilims in our online shop, but also vintage rugs from Turkey, Berber rugs from Morocco, and many other types of rugs. Below you can see our inventory of rugs that are available at the moment.

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